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Valheim Guide: How To Find And Defeat The Elder (And What You Get From It)

Valheim Guide: How To Find And Defeat The Elder (And What You Get From It)

Your final purpose in Valheim is to not construct an superior viking village, however to search out and destroy the enemies of Odin. The Elder is the second boss you will face as you make your method via the world, and taking it down is important to progressing via the game–you’ll have to kill the Elder to get entry to Iron within the Swamp biome.

It takes numerous effort to find the Elder, and preventing it may be robust by itself. Here is every part it is advisable know to trace down and defeat the Elder, together with what gear you need to carry, the place you will need to go, what battle technique you need to make use of, and what to do as soon as it is defeated.

The place Is The Elder?

Monitoring down the Elder requires you to enterprise into the Black Forest biome, which is greatest dealt with after you have defeated Eikthyr, the Meadows boss. Taking out Eikthyr will get you the Exhausting Antler, which you’ll be able to style into the Antler Pickaxe, permitting you to mine Tin and Copper.

When you head into the Black Forest, preserve an eye fixed out for half-circle Rune Stones. You may usually discover them close to destroyed towers and different buildings on the surface–usually surrounded by numerous kinds of Greydwarves–or inside Burial Chambers underground. Interacting with one in all these Rune Stones will mark the altar the place you’ll be able to summon the Elder someplace within the Black Forest. These altars may be a ways away, although; in our Valheim server, we needed to journey to a whole separate island to lastly observe the Elder down.

Once you get to the Elder’s altar, you will have to make a sacrifice of three Elder Seeds to summon it. Drop them within the hearth on the altar and the boss will appear–and it is not going to be completely satisfied.

What To Convey

A bow with fire arrows is essential to beating the Elder, and you're going to want strong Bronze armor to protect you from the massive damage the boss can do.
A bow with hearth arrows is important to beating the Elder, and you are going to need robust Bronze armor to guard you from the huge harm the boss can do.

The Elder can do numerous harm with its assaults, and along with taking you on itself, it will typically summon animated roots from beneath the bottom and Greydwarves to assist it out. Since you will doubtlessly getting hammered fairly laborious, you are going to need to spend money on some upgraded tools earlier than you attempt to take down the boss, particularly should you enter the battle solo.

Armor: Bronze Set

Bronze armor is the best tier you’ll be able to obtain earlier than taking over the Elder, and the safety it provides is fairly useful, particularly upgraded. That mentioned, making Bronze is a time-consuming endeavor, requiring you to mine Tin and Copper, smelt each, and mix them at a Forge. In the event you want velocity, an upgraded set of Troll Leather-based armor will also be very helpful right here. Simply know that you will want sufficient safety to face up to a number of laborious blows from the Elder, even when your general technique is to maintain shifting and keep away from harm as a lot as attainable. Check out our Valheim Armor guide for all the information it is advisable get your self outfitted for struggle with an enormous tree boss.

Weapon: Nice Wooden Bow, Fireplace Arrows

You are primarily going to want to maintain your distance from the Elder, so you will need to spend money on a greater weapon than the Crude Bow you’ll be able to craft early within the recreation. The Nice Wooden bow is not too robust to make, however you have to sufficient Bronze to forge a Bronze Axe so you’ll be able to reduce down birch timber.

Fireplace arrows are your greatest wager towards the Elder due to the extra burn harm they’re going to do to the boss, however you will want fairly a number of of them–you’ll need to pack at the least 100. Bronze arrows are additionally fairly efficient. In both case, particularly taking over the Elder alone, you are going to want loads of ammo.

Lastly, it is really useful you carry a robust melee weapon like a Bronze Sword. You may often have waves of Greydwarves coming after you, and whereas every part else throughout the battle with the Elder could be dodged, being chased round by Greydwarves makes preventing the boss much more annoying. It is simpler to simply cease for a second and slice via the dwarves than to maintain working from them, and a sword will make fast work of the enemies.

Meals: Honey And Jam

The Elder can do numerous harm to you in a short time, so you are going to need to be well-stocked on meals once you battle it. Cooked meat and berries most likely will not reduce it, either–you’re going to need meals that may heal you rapidly and convey your max well being up as excessive as you may get it.

We discovered good outcomes with Honey, Queens Jam, and Sausages. Queens Jam would require a Cauldron to make (which requires smelting Tin and constructing a Forge), however it’s fairly simple to come back by the berries it is advisable cook dinner it. Honey is even simpler, since you’ll be able to usually discover bee hives in deserted homes and use the queen bees that drop from them to make bee hives of your individual. Honey offers you an enormous well being enhance once you eat it, so it is a good merchandise to depend on for this battle.


Ideally, although, you will be bobbing and weaving a lot that the Elder will not hit you usually, if at all–so you should not need to be too reliant on therapeutic objects.

How To Beat The Elder

Use the columns to avoid the Elder's vines, which can hit you a bunch of times in a row.
Use the columns to keep away from the Elder’s vines, which may hit you a bunch of instances in a row.

Once you’re lastly ready, head to the altar the place the Elder will spawn and get the lay of the land. It ought to be ringed by 4 huge columns. Notice their places and prepare to make use of them for canopy, as they’re going to be nice for maintaining you alive when you’re on the transfer.

When the Elder spawns, transfer to maintain the columns between it and also you. It’s going to attempt two completely different assaults should you preserve your distance. First, it will summon roots from the bottom that may try and slap you, however that are simply prevented should you simply run away from them. Subsequent, it will hearth big, lengthy vines from its fingers that may plow via you at any distance. The important thing in each circumstances is to strafe the Elder so that you’re working sideways in entrance of it, which ought to preserve you out of hurt’s method everytime you get right into a jam. Maintain shifting sideways relative to the Elder everytime you suppose you are going to take harm and you will be okay.

Whereas the Elder’s vines can smash via timber and different stuff you would possibly use for canopy, they cannot penetrate the stone columns across the altar–so should you stand behind them, you will be protected from incoming harm. That makes the columns nice for canopy, since you’ll be able to cover behind them to get better stamina, prepared arrows, or eat meals. Finally the boss will name up roots to assault you, so you will have to maneuver when that occurs, however you’ll be able to simply rotate to maintain one other column between you and the Elder and preserve your self protected.

Anytime you are not working from vines or roots, try to be firing arrows on the Elder. The boss does not transfer in a short time, which ought to make aiming and firing fairly simple. Simply preserve nailing it with arrows and maintaining away from its vine assaults at some stage in the battle. In the event you get into bother with roots or Greydwarves, at all times bear in mind which you could simply run for it–make a circle across the boss till you discover a protected place to dispatch the enemies chasing you. A melee weapon is best right here than arrows, since you can cease and maintain your floor in a protected spot.

Maintain hammering the Elder and ultimately it will go down. We killed it with a mixture of about 70 Fireplace and Bronze arrows and managed to take the boss out solo in a single attempt.

What The Elder Provides You

The Elder's Swamp Keys are essential to amping up your gear in Valheim's next biome.
The Elder’s Swamp Keys are important to amping up your gear in Valheim’s subsequent biome.

Defeat the Elder and you will get two loot rewards. The primary is the Elder Trophy, which you will need to take to the beginning altar the place you first loaded into Valheim. Sacrifice it to the altar and you will obtain a brand new means from the boss, as you probably did with Eikthyr. The Elder’s energy hastens the speed with which you chop down timber and collect wooden, making it lots simpler to reap what it is advisable construct up your viking outpost or village.

You may additionally acquire Swamp Keys from the Elder. These things let you entry Sunken Crypts, a brand new form of dungeon discovered within the Swamp biome. These dungeons are an enormous deal as a result of they’re the place you will begin to harvest Iron from. Search for Muddy Scrap Piles within the crypts to seek out Iron Ore, which you’ll be able to take again to your smelter to begin making new gear. Swamp Keys aren’t consumable, so after you have one, you need to use it a lot of instances.

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